Fish out of water

Whilst the University Sport and swimming programme is coming to the end for the academic year, there are still a few students taking part in sport and completing their own individual challenges. Cardiff Met Swimmer and Physical Education in Sport third year Lucy Bracegirdle completed her first marathon with a time of 3 hours and 22 mins making her one of the fastest females at the event.

The Rock and Roll event, located in Liverpool, is in its  4th year and involved individuals running distances of either a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 5K or Mile. Even though Lucy’s’ time was fantastic there was some bitter sweetness with her sister finishing the race as the second fastest female in just over 3 hours.

Previous to this event, Lucy, this time with a few other Cardiff Met swimmers joined the Cardiff Met triathlon team for the BUCS sprint triathlon. The event in Wiltshire involved university students across the UK the opportunity to swim 750m, Cycle 20k  and run 5k. The swimmers, of which most were first timers to triathlon did a fantastic job to help the Met team in the team event. See Individual results below.


Cardiff Met Swimmers Sprint Tri results

Name                                  Swim                       Bike                        Run               Total Time

Chris Sandom                    10.24                        43.27                       18.36               1:13.51

Matt Tobin                          9.34                          49.08                       24.59               1:26:14

Ross Hosking                      8.57                          44.49                       21.16               1:16.42

Megan Wright                   10.46                         1:00.26                    31.08              1:44.16

Megan Tinsdale                 10.05                        58.18                        25.26             1:36.17

Lucy Bracegirdle               11.36                        55.56                       20.40              1:31.16

Katie Bower                        11.59                       1:02.26                    35.12              1:52.21


Cardiff Met Triathlon Team BUCS Sprint Triathlon 2017


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