Fresher Taster Week 2017

After a successful event last year, the Cardiff Met Swim team will be putting on a fresher taster week from Monday 25th September – Sunday 1st October. This will give potential members the opportunity to see what the swim team has to offer and meet some fellow Cardiff Met swimmers. The trial week is free of charge with new students being able to join in on all fresher sessions.  (See timetable below)

If after the taster week you fancy joining the team you will be asked to attend the trial on Wednesday 4th October which will allow us to see you in a more competitive action. You don’t have to be the fastest but show willing and promise.

The week finishes off with a welcome social on Wednesday 4th October to fully welcome you to the team.

If you require any more information get in touch with the coaching team.

Taster week training times 

Day Freshers 2nd/3rd/MSc
Monday Sept  25th


1600-1700 2030-2130
Tuesday Sept 26th


1600-1700 2000-2100
Wednesday Sept 27th


0730-0830 0730-0830
Thursday Sept 28th


1830-2000 1830-2030
Friday Sept  29th


1600-1700 0730-0830
Sunday Oct 1st 1200-1300 1100-1200

Trials Wed oct 4th








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