Swimming Focus Squad

Cardiff Met Swimming now have a focus squad aimed to develop the performance profile of Cardiff Met  sport as well as increasing the number of BUCS points achieved within university competitions.

Benefits to becoming a focus squad member

  • Access to professional coaching.
  • Access to reduced physiotherapy and massage treatment.
  • Free Cardiff Met sport facility gym membership.
  • 2 x Sport specific strength and conditioning sessions a week with the university S&C
  • Free entry to three BUCS university competitions (Inc. travel and accommodation).
  • Video, race and competition analysis.
  • Access to Swim Pro underwater camera system.
  • Diet, nutrition and supplement advice.
  • Anti-doping advice and support.

To be considered for a place in the Cardiff Met Swimming Focus squad:- 

1. Hold or be in the process of gaining a place on a Cardiff Metropolitan University course (undergraduate/ postgraduate)

2. Be able to represent the University at three BUCS swimming events during the academic year (BUCS short course, BUCS long course, BUCS team championships)

3. Have a time equal to or faster than the focus team consideration times in one event or more. Tables below. Criteria A


4. Have an individual time which gains an Individual a place within a Cardiff Met BUCS  “A Team” relay. Criteria B

5. Agree to Cardiff Met Swim team code of conduct and focus squad terms and conditions.

Qualifying Times (Criteria A)

Male Short Course Female
QT Event QT
23.20 50 FR 26.57
51.64 100 FR 57.68
1.54.62 200 FR 2.06.19
4.08.17 400 FR 4.29.76
 x 800 FR 9.05.40
16.36.85 1500 FR  x
2.11.13 200 IM 2.27.90
4.41.95 400 IM 5.54.70
25.52 50 FLY 29.12
56.42 100 FLY 1.06.79
2.07.29 200 FLY 2.23.50
26.39 50 BK 30.33
58.48 100 BK 1.04.99
2.06.82 200 BK 2.19.61
29.33 50 BRS 34.02
1.04.69 100 BRS 1.14.00
2.22.49 200 BRS 2.38.88
Male Long Course Female
QT Event QT
24.09 50 FR 27.81
54.00 100 FR 1.01.22
1.58.82 200 FR 2.09.17
4.18.94 400 FR 4.33.53
 x 800 FR 9.21.97
17.42.70 1500 FR  x
2.15.37 200 IM 2.35.58
4.54.99 400 IM 5.46.09
25.97 50 FLY 29.84
57.73 100 FLY 1.06.67
2.13.16 200 FLY 2.29.16
27.90 50 BK 31.82
1.01.03 100 BK 1.08.25
2.12.85 200 BK 2.32.37
30.14 50 BRS 35.42
1.06.64 100 BRS 1.18.07
2.26.14 200 BRS 2.43.93


Our pool at Cardiff Met is fully accessible for Para swimmers and all Para-classifications (S1-S14) are catered for at BUCS Short course and long course. Please get in touch with Performance Director Dave Tonge via email dtonge@cardiffmet.ac.uk for all Para swimming scholarship applications.

Application Form

Cardiff Met Swimming Focus Application Form 2018-19

Cardiff-metropolitan-university-focus-squad-application-form 2018-19

How to apply

To apply or for more information please fill out the focus team application form and email to dtonge@cardiffmet.ac.uk and/or jddavies@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Other Sport Scholarships

Elite Sport Scholar Award

The Elite Sport Scholar Award is designed for undergraduate, postgraduate and international students that excel in sport (including performance and/or coaching). The award is based upon a combination of academic merit and sporting achievements and can be applied for by students who meet the criteria set out in the eligibility section below.

Students who are successful in their application for the award will receive a package of scholarship benefits worth approximately £5,000 that includes:
  • £1,000 discount from their programme tuition fees
  • Gym membership and access to excellent facilities
  • Strength and conditioning support from UKSCA accredited staff
  • Sports science support, including nutrition, psychology, physiology, biomechanics
  • Sports medicine, including physiotherapy massage
  • Active yoga and recovery sessions
  • Performance workshops

The award of scholarships are reviewed on an annual basis and students will be required to demonstrate their continuing commitment to Cardiff Met performance sport and their personal sporting development in order to continue to benefit from the scheme for the duration of their studies.

For more Information click the link below.

Cardiff Met Swim